MOSQUE ALERT at Silk Road Rising Theatre
Silver, in the show’s finest performance, delivers it with formidable passion and fearlessness.”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

The best scene [is] played with relish by Steve Silver.”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

No one better demonstrates command of [the script] than Steve Silver…
His unwavering poise, unfailing eloquence, and unshakeable conviction [are] frighteningly convincing.”
Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

Steve Silver’s complete sublimation into the character leaves a welt.
Roxanne Assaf Lynn, Huffington Post

Impeccably delivered by Steve Silver.”
Jonathan Abarbanel, Windy City Times

THE OTHER PLACE at Profiles Theatre
The superb Steve Silver… who shows us a wholly credible blend of
loving support and deep fury at what has befallen the woman he loves.”
– Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“[Steve Silver] is excellent, ideally cast.”
– Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

VICES AND VIRTUES at Profiles Theatre
Highly polished, intensely acted performancesa powerhouse turn by Steve Silver.
– Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

SKIN FOR SKIN at Agency Theater Collective
“The bright spot here is Silver’s performanceIt’s a performance with nuance, subtlety, and color.
Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“Steve Silver is a complete professional throughout the play, and his charisma has the ability to keep the audience invested.”
Jonald Reyes, PerformInk

GUYS AND DOLLS at Light Opera Works
“Silver and Larson [Nathan and Adelaide] pair ideally.”
– Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Steve Silver as Nathan Detroit is hysterical as the gun-shy groom.”
– Mira Temkin, Chicago Tribune

Steve Silver is relaxed and totally believable.”
– John Olson, Chicago Theatre Beat

“Well-handled by Steve Silver.”
– Alan Breslof,